Exclusive Offsite Vehicles in Hemet, CA

Year 2002


Model GEM

Trim -

Drivetrain -

Transmission -

Engine -

Mileage 1

Doors -

Exterior Color RED/WHITE

Interior Color TAN

VIN 5ASAG47402F021233

Stock No. 12554

Vehicle Equipment List

Vehicle Description

 this GEM E825 Is a great  niche in "neighborhoods." In fact, a lot of folks call it a "NEV," short for "neighborhood electric vehicle."

Officially, though, it's a "Low Speed Vehicle," LSVs are limited to a top speed of 25 mph and has all the  basic safety equipment including headlights, taillights, stop lights, turn signals, mirrors, seatbelts, side reflectors, a parking brake, a safety-glass windshield, and a VIN # , LSVs can be registered and licensed in California . NHTSA okays them for roads with speed limits of 35 or less mph.

The GEM goes its own way in construction details, too. The frame consists of aluminum extrusions welded together. The overhead loops that serve as roll bars and roof supports are also aluminum extrusions bent to shape, powder-coated, and bolted to the frame. The fenders, the hood, and the cargo-carrying bustle on the back are fiberglass. Most of the other body parts are vacuum-formed ABS polycarbonate.

The rack-and-pinion steering gear and the hydraulic 6.3-inch-diameter drum brakes at all four corners are real car parts from Italy's minicar industry. In front is a swing-arm suspension made of extremely beefy cast ductile iron. A simple live axle is used in back. Both ends have coil-over shocks.
and is more than competent at a flat-out pace. The steering feels right, the brakes are nicely linear with no squish in the pedal, the accelerator is unjerky. In keeping with its 980 pounds, the machine has a sturdy sense about it and a reasonably compliant ride. At 69.5 inches to the top of the door loops, the E825 is about minivan height. You sit up, on a chair-height bench, with a tower sort of view. 
also has lots of storage
come check it out for your self 

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