Exclusive Offsite Vehicles in Hemet, CA

Year 2016




Drivetrain AWD

Transmission AUTOMATIC

Engine V6, 3.7DOHC 24V

Mileage 160,520

Doors 4

Exterior Color WHITE

Interior Color BLACK


Stock No. 12527C

Vehicle Equipment List

Vehicle Description

 powered with a  3.7-liter V6 with a six-speed automatic on all-wheel-drive , while Interceptors with 3.5-liter V6 send power solely to the front. 

Lost your key? No need to pony up big bucks for a gee-whiz chip enabled proximity unit here. A simple metal and plastic ignition key is on duty, j

Air conditioning is on tap, natch, as are power windows, pedals, and front seats. Speaking of seats, hearty cloth buckets are installed in the front row, with a full 9 inches of space between them designed to house all manner of electronic equipment for the local constabulary. Civilians will find there is plenty of space for McDining. A handy flat plastic surface on top of the dash, intended for a radar gun, is a handy spot on which to rest your Big Mac. The vinyl rear bench makes for easy clean-up after a night of debauchery.

Included is an A-Pillar mounted spotlight, perfect if you get lost and need to read street signs., plus an honest-to-gawd column shifter like nature and Henry Ford intended. The steering wheel is a standard Ford design but dispenses with volume buttons in favour of AUX switches. This means you can wire in some annoyingly bright LED bars (for off-road use only, right?) and toggle their operation without ever taking your hands off the wheel.

this Police Interceptor is white in color allow drivers to indulge in gritty undercover detective fantasies. Bonus points is that people will move out of your way.

Cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks … although today’s cruisers definitely have catalytic converters. 
feel free to come check it out.

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