Year 2006
Drivetrain RWD
Transmission AUTOMATIC
Engine V8, 4.6 LITER
Mileage 94,960
Doors 2
Exterior Color YELLOW
Interior Color BLACK
VIN 1ZVHT85HX65211609
Stock No. 11701C

Vehicle Equipment List

Vehicle Description

2006 Saleen S281 Mustang - Supercharged and Sexy
THIS CAR IS 1 OF 1 !!!

It's got the looks, it's got the power and it's got the pedigree. Yep, it's the 2006 Saleen S281. This 435 hp supercharged beauty is bound to leave you grinning like an idiot
Mustangs are all about being special. The first Mustangs were a flood of options, from economy-car powertrains to musclecar excesses and Rally Pacs to tissue dispensers. Carroll Shelby upped the ante with his line of limited-issue Mustangs, and all told, for the last four decades, it is a rare person who hasn't been able to find their own unique happiness in a Mustang.


For your own place in the sun, there is the most special of Mustangs, the Saleen. Built, certified, and serial numbered by Saleen with the company's own blend of performance, comfort, and styling options, these are the last word in Mustang exclusivity.
To sample the latest of the breed, saddle-up this extroverted, yellow convertible, it includes a three-piece tonneau cover that folds over the rear seats to form a two-seater.                              

underhood, the 4.6L engine-management computer has a Saleen Powerflash recalibration, Saleen center-exit exhaust, Saleen underdrive pulleys, and a harmonic damper to arrive at Saleen's 330.

While the transmission remains stock other than Saleen's short-throw shifter, manual transmission 3Vs are fitted with 3.73 final drive gears in the 8.8-inch rear axle; automatic cars use 3.31 gears. Saleen's MaxGrip limited-slip differential is optional for $1,653 and uses a small pump inside to put a hydraulic squeeze on a clutch pack.

Inside, Saleen makes the Ford interior its own with leather upholstery and plenty of Saleen signage. A six-way power driver's seat with adjustable lumbar support is on hand, and Saleen is sure to employ the MyColor feature allowing custom instrument colors on the main cluster, which has Saleen calibrations and faces, as well as a 200-mph speedometer. Props to Saleen for bucking the now-tiresome white-faced instrument trend, instead using handsome black backgrounds

, Mint Condition

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