Busting 5 Myths About Used Cars

Posted Wednesday, Dec 14, 2022

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If you have searched for quality pre-owned vehicles on the internet before, you might have been bombarded with complaints or people's reviews on unreliable cars. However, used cars really aren't as bad as they have made them out to be.

In fact, if you are looking to buy a car, used cars should be your top consideration. Brand-new cars may offer you a variety of models. However, quality pre-owned vehicles give you more options which means you can buy the same model at a lesser cost.

Note that a used car may meet your budget and requirements more often than a brand-new one. Similarly, you may have to search less for a viable option when looking for quality pre-owned vehicles than brand-new cars that require a master dealer.

Debunking Misconceptions on Used Cars

Myth #1 – Used Cars Aren't Worth the Money

Not all used cars are scrap material. Some are quality pre-owned vehicles that come from trustworthy channels and leases with a warranty. They can provide you with documentation that allows you to confirm the vehicle's reliability.

People aren't just looking to sell their cars because of a major fault. Contrary to popular belief, people sell their cars if their requirements have changed or because they want to move and don't want the excess weight.

Moreover, there are many instances where a person might have bought a car they can't afford or want to sell to finance a loan.

Myth #2 – Used Cars Have Lost Their Value

That isn't how it works. In fact, a car doesn't experience a sudden loss of its inherent value the minute someone drives it for the first time. However, you do have to pay a significantly lesser price for this used car as most of what was paid was for getting the car off the market.

The inherent value of the car hasn't dropped. What has been nullified is the added value made to the car to sell it. The second buyer doesn't have to worry about this. However, if you still want to get that purchase right, keep searching for the best price.

A great way to make an estimate is to see how long the car has been driven, the mileage, the past damages, and what a professional has to say if you get it inspected. Know the inherent value of the car and match it to its price. If you think the deal is worth it, go ahead and buy it!

Myth #3: Used Car Sellers Are Out to Get You

Used cars don't take advantage of your prices, and sellers aren't out to get you. In fact, they want to get a good deal as much as you do. They will not ask you for cash or add hidden costs to raise your expenses.

A reliable used car dealer will not ask you to pay through just one option. You can pay according to your budget and credit history. How you divide your expenses depends entirely on you. Moreover, most used car sellers give you the complete information to help you understand whether the car is a good match. They are usually there to help!

Myth #4: Used Cars Are Too Much Trouble

One of the biggest conclusions you can derive from online reviews is that used cars lead to dangerous accidents or cost much more to maintain than new cars. In fact, it's the opposite. You might not know everything about a new car, but a used car is an open book. Its history can tell you a lot.

A great dealer will provide the necessary add-ons that secure the car if they aren't already present. This includes a proper braking system, airbags, and more. Used cars are also as fuel efficient as new cars if you purchase from the right dealer.

A good dealer will only sell a car if its fuel tank is in working condition. You will get the same fuel consumption as if you were driving a new car!

Myth #5: A Lower Mileage Means the Car is Reliable

Lower mileage doesn't just mean that a car is reliable. You need to conduct a thorough analysis involving the odometer and other factors. You can also access the car's history to understand if it has undergone any damages and repairs.

Don't rely on the mileage. Get an online report and consult a professional. If you have to, refer to a trained professional who can review the car and let you know if it is worth purchasing. If you are dealing with a reputable dealer, most of the time, you can place your trust in the deal.

Secret Tip: Don't Rush into It

The worst mistake during the used car purchase process is rushing into it. Since it is a decision that will impact you for a long time, try not to rush into it. Get multiple quotes and inspect more than one car for the best deal.

We recommend researching the best models and their costs online and comparing the deal's cost with the average cost of a brand-new car. This can let you know exactly what you are paying and how much the car is worth.

Final Thoughts

A used car is a significant investment. It is going to stay with you for years or even a decade. This is why ensuring you get the best deal and meet your requirements is a great idea. After all, you don't want to be looking for another car soon.

Make a list of your requirements and check if the vehicle meets them. Match those against the price and your budget. Ensure you conduct a thorough check before finalizing that deal.

Get your choices checked by a trusted and experienced mechanic. A mechanic is much like a doctor for cars. They can take one look at the car and tell you all about the value of the investment. The final choice is yours!